The needle arts trace women’s path to empowerment.

Cross-stitching and other needlework arts were largely the domain of women in the early ages. Tapestries adorned cold castle walls, while delicate embroidery on garments and furnishings were desired by the lord and lady of the manor. The first fashion houses in the 19th century employed legions of talented and often overworked women to decorate haute couture for the more economically advantaged. Continue reading

It started with a project for my daughter

It all started with a pattern I designed for my amazing, wonderful, independent-minded daughter.

While I was stitching this pattern, I was intrigued by the idea of “spreading the word” by making it available to other mothers and daughters. My intelligent and entrepreneurial offspring was already selling her own designs on Etsy, so I decided to make it available in the same fashion.

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Who is a subversive woman?

The dictionary lists these synonyms for a subversive person: a troublemaker, dissident, agitator, revolutionary, renegade, rebel.

Subversive women throughout the ages have turned society on its head by being themselves – progressive women in a male-dominated world that prefers the status quo. Troublemaking suffragettes, revolutionary feminists, rebels with a cause – these are subversive women whose agitating has made progress for all women.

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