Nothing is constant, except change it seems

I have been making these cross stitch charts available for purchase (and free, in some cases) since 2015. Originally, on Etsy. Then, in my own shop using a platform called Easy Digital Downloads.

Coco Chanel No. 1As the number of patrons and sales grew, I moved the shop to Shopify which offered more functionality, but at a premium price. All the while, I have remained on Etsy although some changes there have forced me to make changes in response.

What She Said Stitches on Etsy

I am still a big fan of Etsy, and the single charts remain available through that platform. Recently, however, the powers that be made some significant changes that resulted in increased fees to the sellers.

If you've bought charts from What She Said Stitches on Etsy, you will notice that the pricing is now in Canadian dollars, rather than U.S. Recent exchange rates should still result in an approximate price of US$2.49. And it is even lower for VIP stitchers who are signed up for the New Pattern Alert, but more on that later.

I have used Mailchimp until now to distribute the New Pattern Alert, and quite successfully. You have honoured me with tremendously high "open" and associated "click through" rates. I am gratified that so many of you are pleased to receive the occasional notification of new charts, and news, from my shop.

Mailchimp integrated with Shopify so nicely, but sadly they have had a falling out. As a result of their "divorce" I have moved to a different platform called Seguno. I am hopeful that, while it may look a little different, the new pattern alert will end up in your inboxes as smoothly as it did with Mailchimp. Sigh, buh bye, Mailchimp.

New Pattern Alert

I am sending all Shopify subscribers who opted in to receive emailed marketing and/or who signed up for the alert specifically, a new discount code that will work only on

The resulting price should still be US$1.99 per chart.

I sell on EtsyI am sending all Etsy subscribers who gave me permission to send emailed marketing, or who signed up for the alert via the Etsy shop listing, a new, different discount code that will work only on Etsy. Regrettably, the resulting price is not the same as that on the shop site, but that is because of Etsy's new, higher fee structure and fluctuating exchange rates.

My continued thanks

I remain grateful and gratified that these charts featuring the words of strong women have struck a chord with so many people. I always enjoy reading emails from stitchers, and seeing pictures of their WIP or finished, framed work on Facebook and in emails.

I will keep designing, so you can keep stitching!